“May be the most fascinating presentation I have ever seen at an event. Global geopolitics and the impact on trade, economies, and business. This is brilliant.”

Christopher Barger
Senior Communications Director
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

“The thoughtful, comprehensive, understandable and practical view you brought to the complex problems and issues revolving around geopolitics truly enlightened and engaged the audience at P&I’s Global Future of Retirement conference. Setting the tone on the second day of the event kept people talking, and your presentation was referred to numerous times by other speakers throughout the day.”

Michael Ocrant
Director of Conference Programming
Pensions & Investments, Inc.

“Your presentation on "The Grand Arc of Economic Geography: Shaping the 21st Century" was very well received by our students and faculty. The audience appreciated the length and breadth of your analysis, and the presentation both of a compelling "big picture" as to where the world is heading in both geopolitical and geo-economic terms, and the ways in which you connected "dots" in East and South Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe together. It was a masterful performance and one that has provoked ongoing discussion and debate.”

Dr. Nikolas K. Gvosdev
Captain Jerome E. Levy Chair of Economic Geography and National Security, U.S. Naval War College

“Your maritime security presentation was absolutely fascinating and one of the most interesting presentations I have ever attended.”

Christopher Gimson
Director, Aon Risk Solutions/Global Broking Centre

“I thought your presentation at GAIM Ops London was brilliant. As an enthusiastic observer of world events, I found your presentation to be the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have probably ever heard on the world's current and future trouble zones.”

Hugh Craigie Halkett
Europe Director, Financial Risk Mitigation, Inc.

“Incredibly informative and phenomenal global risk presentation!”

Louis D’Agostino
Iron Cove Partners

“You were brilliant talking about global geopolitical risk at the Asia-Global Hedge Fund Summit in New York. Your presentation was one of the most interesting and widely-discussed.

Thank you for enriching the summit!”

Aradhna Dayal
Access Alts Asia

“Your passion for and understanding of the strategic geopolitical challenges facing the United States and global community are inspiring. Your presentation was excellent.”

Al Checchi
Checchi Capital Advisers LLC

“Great to hear the real issues.”

“Extremely intelligent and in-tune with the issues”

“Exceptional communications skills…to engage in sophisticated discussion with senior professionals”

“An engaging speaker whose audience rapport is warming and whose intellect is evident.”

National Defense University

“Your talk was easily the best received one of the Family Office Wealth Management Forum.”

Randy Conone
Chief Investment Officer, MTrust

“Your presentation was by far the most engaging at the RiskMinds conference. The pace of delivery was excellent for this audience: bankers with a keen interest to learn the key issues on all international hotspots.”

Periklis Thivaios
True North Partners LLP

“You did a great job explaining all of the very significant issues facing us from all over the world.”

Greg Kushner
LIDO Consulting

“You were clearly the best presenter… You have a unique gift to succinctly wrap geopolitical issues into a coherent methodology of whom, why and how.”

Jan Ager Karel
Ager Consulting

“Consistently rated your sessions as the very best - your expertise … is unequalled.”

Department of Military Strategy and Operations
National War College

“Our participants were greatly impressed and satisfied with the way you guided us through the political landscape of the contemporary United States. Your insights provided us with a clear and solid background to understand the current changes in America.”

Telenor ASA
(Norwegian Telecommunications Corporation)

“You exhibit a rare ability to process difficult and complicated questions yet maneuvering skillfully down unexpected avenues, all the while substantively addressing virtually every issue presented to you, no matter how off-beat or unexpected.”

U.S. Department of State

“Thank you again for a spectacular presentation. You were superbly forceful, articulate, and persuasive, and I have heard nothing but compliments from our participants.”

Wofford College

“An extremely well informed, knowledgeable and flexible speaker, who presented an excellent, well-rounded overview of U.S. foreign policy. He analyzed the domestic and international factors that influence foreign policy formulation and explained the Washington perspective on the most important international issues that cause instability in different parts of the world.”

U.S. Embassy (Nicosia)

“John Sitilides gave our keynote talk on geopolitical risks at GAIM Ops Cayman, a 500+ person event for COO/CCO/CFOs in the alternative investment industry. I can honestly say it was one of the best talks I’ve seen. John provided fascinating insights on geopolitical issues including Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea and Europe. He brought a new perspective to understanding the issues and appreciating their significance on a whole new level. His cutting edge, up-to-date knowledge of the topics and of latest political developments, and the fact that John is an excellent and engaging speaker, made for a fascinating presentation. Our audience loved it. The room was packed and it’s been rated as a favorite session by many of the attendees. John is top of my list for any geopolitical analysis in the future.”

Cosimo Montagu
Director & Editor-in-Chief
GAIM Ops & GAIM | KNect365

“Very much enjoyed your presentation - excellent poise, diction, delivery, substance, coordinated use of effective visuals, and audience connection - exemplary!”

Richard A. Bird
President, Bird Capital Group