Geopolitical Risks and Strategies for Business Leaders

The global economy, long based upon a U.S.-led rules-based trading system, is undergoing profound and fundamentally transformative shifts, from new hot wars and potential cold wars, as well as challenging energy security debates in a multi-polar order.

U.S.-China relations are more tense than ever over Taiwan, technology, trade, and human rights, as Beijing seeks to dominate Asia, manage its commercial relations, and challenge U.S. global leadership, and Washington pursues closer ties with India, Japan, and Indo-Pacific powers for regional counterbalance.

Russia’s war against Ukraine is upending Europe’s security architecture and global energy and food supply chains, as the EU scrambles to escape hydrocarbon dependence on Moscow, NATO seeks to prevent alliance fracturing, and Germany and the United Kingdom plan for energy rationing and deindustrialization.

Iran and Israel are in direct conflict, as Tehran-sponsored terror against its Middle East and Gulf state neighbors, and against critical shipping in the Red Sea, is destabilizing the region and its global oil and gas supply network.

Re-globalization, food shortages, energy scarcity, cybersecurity, and climate policy dependent on rare earths processing increasingly impact C-suite decision-making.

Amid the most complex international security landscape since the end of the Cold War, geopolitical strategist John Sitilides delivers valuable insights and thoughtful understanding of international security trends in the near-term and toward the horizon.

Using open-source intelligence, Sitilides explores the key geopolitical risks across the international trade, security, technology, and diplomacy landscapes that will dominate global and regional investment strategies and provide both serious challenges and long-term opportunities, to help corporate and investment leaders better understand, anticipate, and mitigate geopolitical risk in today’s disrupted financial, commercial, and political landscapes.


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